Aug. 11th, 2009 07:31 pm
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Now that we're on more compatible schedules, [livejournal.com profile] anher and I took a walk once he got home. It was a nice, long walk (almost 3 miles, I think), and now we're cooling off and contemplating a massive amount of food prep.
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Yowch. After not exercising three days last week, I have already lost some ground. I got back out of the habit of keeping my abs tucked correctly. On the other hand, sometime today, my legs figured out how to do a lunge correctly so that my knees don't twinge. It just happened; one minute I was awkwardly balancing and trying not to hurt, and the next, it just worked. I was able to do 'em right the rest of the workout. The key was in rolling down instead of just trying to bend things into the right place, if that makes sense. It's the difference between copying a form and doing a move.

I hope to keep that up tomorrow!

It's very frustrating to get tired doing something as simple as jumping up and down in place (a 'rest' move in the high-intensity aerobics and the 'bootcamp' workouts). I had the option to use weights for the exercises today and didn't, but my arms are still filing protests.

The DVD I've been using is this one. I'm using the week 2 workouts from the planned workouts, since I missed so much of last week. If you're looking for a workout DVD, you could do much worse! The exercises are clearly explained, and scalable if you find a specific move too easy or too hard. The people exercising are ordinary folks, not perfectly toned professionals. The trainer is very encouraging. All of this makes it easier for me to keep going with it.


Jun. 10th, 2009 07:17 pm
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As I'm feeling sniffly and tired and icky today, I decided to try a walk as a lighter alternative to the workout DVDs.

My thighs are telling me that this was not, in fact, a lighter workout. Man, I'm out of shape.

Because "Yay, exercise!" gets boring after a while, feel free to enjoy some photos I took with my phone while out walking.

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Things to remember while debating whether or not to exercise-

I want to be fit enough that I could go to Philmont next year if I was asked. >.>

Another day down.
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We kept to our exercise agreement and did some heavy exercise today. In this case, off to Mount Trashmore.*

We ran and fast-walked two miles around the lake, then just fast-walked an additional half a mile. I was able to run more than last time. There are no real hills in the path there, but there's a constant wind, so half the time I had extra resistance.

Sunday, we plan to go back for our 'light exercise' day and fly a kite or two as well as take a more leisurely walk.

*I kid you not, there's a city park in Virginia Beach called Mount Trashmore. It's a nice artificial lake and hill built over an old landfill.


Feb. 20th, 2008 11:09 am
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I've been doing the bellydancing on my own, but last night, [livejournal.com profile] anher wanted to exercise, too. So, we got out the dvd with workouts from The Biggest Loser.

We did the low-impact cardio workout.

I hurt today. Sore calves, sore thighs, sore butt, sore upper arms. I think an Aleve is in my future. The DVD recommends doing these exercises 4 times a week.

Today, we plan to not do any exercise DVDs, and just take a walk outside instead. I hope that by tomorrow we'll be recovered enough to do the evil workout again.

Day two.

Feb. 7th, 2008 04:55 pm
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Okay, hip shimmies I can do. Shoulder shimmies? I keep ending up wiggling my hips at the same time.

I have an abundance of hip to wiggle, which does not help.
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People in my dad's family aren't very flexible. We're sturdy and tend to be endurance runners, but the trade off is a distinct stiffness in the torso.

[livejournal.com profile] anher and I bought some exercise DVDs so we can stay in shape here at home. I got a bellydance DVD. I can do most of the basic moves fine, but I have discovered that I can't 'shimmy'.

Oh, well. Just the first day. I know that, after weeks of stretching and running, I would finally get to the point I could touch my toes during Cross Country season. If I keep up with this, I'll probably get to the point where I can at least do the move, if not make it look as graceful as the instructor on the DVD does.

Hmm. I should probably get an exercise icon...


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