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I have another short story available on Amazon! The Young Lord's Servants, about two boys who fight off a very large fish, was previously on this blog. I've given it a bit more polish and fixed a couple of problems. You can find it here:

No spiffy art this time. Just one of Amazon's generic covers.

I originally wrote the story for my own amusement, but it happens to fall in a good range if you have elementary school kids. I found it amusing to note that I didn't worry about a couple of unusual words in it, even with kids, because of how e-readers work these days. They can just look it up without even looking away from the page. Very convenient!

And that's all the stories I had finished that just needed some editing. If I want to publish more, I need to either unpack my old computer (which requires that my family be in their own house first) or write something new.

If there is a something you've always wanted a story about, feel free to throw me some ideas! :D
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I have signed up for Amazon's self-publishing and put one of my short stories up for sale! Starlit Rays is now available as an ebook for 99 cents here:

It is a bite-sized story, around 1200 words.

[ profile] meeksp allowed me use the Story Sketch she did as the cover art! I'm so happy how it looks!

I originally posted the story here on my Livejournal, but that was three years ago! My next step is to take another old short story, do an editing pass on it, and put it up for sale, too.


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