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I had an eye exam for the first time in over five years on Saturday. You may or may not be aware that eyes change shape slightly during pregnancy (all the extra fluids), and my blood pressure was wonky for a while. Even once it was under control, we were moving around and busy.

But then the temple piece cracked. It still works for now, but it's a sign it's pretty much time to replace the glasses. The Wal-Mart clinic was quick, easy, and not too expensive.

However, during the exam, the eye doctor asked if my eyes water or itch. Apparently, he noticed some tiny bumps on the inside of my eyelids - a giveaway of an allergic reaction. But it wasn't enough for me to be bothered by it. My eyes didn't itch. I didn't have a runny nose.

So, yesterday, I was dragging and tired and got up too late to get ready for church on time (something I regret). I didn't feel any obvious allergic symptoms, but I was dragging and actually a little weepy feeling that morning. So, I took an antihistamine at lunch.

And hour later, I didn't feel very different physically at all, but I was no longer depressed. It was shockingly different. That morning, I'd been wondering if I needed antidepressants again. And that afternoon, I was fine. It'd been an allergic reaction. It seems that, in my body, if anything is wrong, my default error mode is to be depressed, I guess.

And this has been going on for weeks. I've been feeling a real drag and wondering what's up. I thought had to be stress, because I couldn't find any other explanation for why I was dragging just when I usually start hitting my stride after the winter bout. And it was histamines.

So, I'm very happy to have figured that out, if a little puzzled by it all.
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