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When I was a little girl, one of ladies at the church we were at made me a doll from scratch. Her name is Susan. She's big; about twice the size of a Cabbage Patch doll. She's had some broken stitches that were repaired by my grandfather, and some freckles from when she got some mildew. We killed the mildew, but didn't want to bleach her.

I took her a lot of places, which is how she got mildewed. I didn't take her camping, though. I have a little stuffed beaver that I took on all my camping trips instead. But she went with me to visit my grandparents and walked with me to choir practice and sat out on the porch with me to drink tea and watch thunderstorms.

I still have her. She's sitting up on the shelf where I display my stuffed animal collection, right behind the Civil War bears, wearing one of my old shirts from when I was small. I hope my kids will get to play with her in a few years.
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I don't believe in the "fundamental goodness of humankind". I believe in the goodness of God.
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I have seasonal affective disorder, which is a fancy name for "winter blues". It runs in the family. As the sunlight gets weaker, my energy levels drop and I get grumpier and weepier. I keep a set of lights by my computer so that I can get some "full sun" equivalent for an hour or so before work during the winter. This keeps the worst of things at bay.

I love snow too much to move far enough south that I'd avoid the winter dip. I grew up with the seasons and still love the turning of the year, even with the problems that winter can bring. The SAD is one reason why I'm so fond of spring, though. Easter comes just about the same time that I really start to get my energy back.
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Well, naturally I'll watch. One of my biggest issues with watching the Superbowl is that there's no good time to go to the bathroom. I want to follow the game, but I also want to see all the crazy commercials that show up!

I'm rooting for the Colts this year. I grew up in Indiana, so I'm glad to see a 'home team' get a shot at the championship. If they play the way they did in the division championship game, then I think they'll succeed.

Of course, my favorite team is the Packers, but they didn't make it this year. There's always next year!
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I look forward to watching at least one version of A Christmas Carol every year. I'll watch the hoky ones, but my favorite is George C Scott's. The Muppet version is also very good.

I miss the Claymation specials. Ah, the fads of my childhood, long replaced by the fads of today.
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Being as familiar with bad wishes as any gamer, I would question calories that didn't count. Would they then also not fuel my body? Not fill my stomach?

I get migraines if I don't eat regularly. Would these non-calorie foods keep the migraine at bay?

Calories aren't always evil.
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Most folks who read my livejournal are aware I have SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. That's the official term for "Winter Blues", where you get less energy and get more depressed as the days get shorter and the sunlight gets weaker.

Finding ways to cope is important!

First of all, I make sure to get lighting, especially in the morning. I have a set of florescent lights by the computer. When I do my morning reading, I turn them on so I can get some extra light.

Music helps to keep me going when I'm feeling down. I find it easier to do things around the house if there's music playing.

I also tend to sleep longer. I plan for this, scheduling nine hours for sleep whenever I can. Warm blankets and purring kitty cats are a must!

Lastly, I have a bad habit of chowing down on baked goods this time of year. Not only is it the feasting/dessert season, but carbs are my own comfort, along with cream.
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This one caught my eye. My favorite I've seen recently is Stay Alive... though the guy who commented at imdb apparently disagrees. Wow.

I generally avoid horror films. Most of 'em these days are just about the gore. Oddly enough, the fact that the deaths were off screen in Stay Alive made me enjoy the movie more than if I'd been shown buckets of blood and severed limbs. It had some really scary moments, but the ending wasn't the usual 'everybody dies except for sequel girl' that most horror movies do. I guess it's one of my favorites because it's not like all the others.

For the record, I've never seen The Evil Dead, and only seen part of Army of Darkness.


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