May. 16th, 2007 03:41 pm
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Changeling is an interesting setting. It's in the old World of Darkness, a world like our own, but, well, darker, with more gothic and punk features. And lots of supernatural critters around.

Anyway, the Changeling flavor has this premise- that the fae of the old world, in order to survive the encroaching Banality of mundane life, hid themselves in the bodies of regular humans. So, each changeling has a fae soul and a human one, and at some point, the fae soul gets a chance to come out for a while.

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Jan. 1st, 2007 02:13 pm
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I'm writing up a character background for a Werewolf game (original World of Darkness setting). Since I couldn't come up with a name off the top of my head for one of the figures in my character's past, I put in Insert-Name-Here.

I wonder what kind of werewolf would actually have that as a deed name. [ profile] anher suggested a Glasswalker.
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And I'm designing the website. Slowly, painfully.

I'm asking for opinions. Go look at it, then tell me what you think. Tell me what it needs, what I need to get rid of, or just what needs to be moved or changed.
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For a Changeling plot:

I need a bunch of traditional children's stories associated with Halloween, preferably ones with interesting or memorable characters. These need to be stories you'd find in a large collection of short stories and/or fairy tales.

Brian and I will be doing some of our own research, of course, but I thought I'd see what my friends list can come up with. I'd love to find out a bunch of unusual stories that I can use to flummox players.


Apr. 28th, 2006 05:26 am
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Last night, before going to bed, I leaned out from under the covers and scribbled down an idea so I wouldn't lose it. A random thought was how to write up The Junior Woodchuck's Guidebook as a Mage: the Ascension talisman.

It'd probably cost 10 background points, considering. (If I were running, I might be nice and make it 7 or 8 instead.) Arete 6, Quintessence 20.
The Junior Woodchuck's Guidebook uses some Mind, Time, and Correspondence to find the relevant information, then uses Matter to provide the information in printed form on its pages. If it actually contained all the information available, nobody would be able to carry it around.

Effect: When activated (requires no special actions beyond leafing through the book and looking for something specific but does require at least one Quintessence point), the user rolls 6 dice versus standard difficulty (diff 6). The user finds information suitable to a Lore skill in the subject equal to the number of successes. However, the information should be found in an appropriate cultural context.

Example- Players find a desanguinated (blood-drained) corpse. Character goes hunting through the guidebook to figure out what could have caused it.

1 success: "Well, it mentions vampires drink blood and has some quotes from Dracula."
3-4 successes: "It also says that some vampire legends could come from blood cults that drained blood for rituals and stuff."
6 successes: "Oh, and there's this legend from Africa about magic-weaving, human-sized spiders that drank blood, too."

Note that Storytellers are not required to provide the correct information, only stuff that's relevant to what the player is looking for.

Botches bring up generic survival information (unless that's what's being looked for, in which case the ST could substitute some Thoreau or something). This talisman can only be used once per day. Further uses bring up either the same information or the above botch result.

This talisman was created by a Virtual Adept, a Carl Barks fan.


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