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Don't worry - I'm not planning on stopping [ profile] rockworm again. This is a broader question.

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I've been musing on clothing today. Specifically, on what people on my worldlet wear and where it comes from.

Beast-kings frequently hunt large game, so have a ready supply of hides and leather. Dwarves hunt boar and keep deer, so they have a source as well. But what about cloth? Beast-kings aren't built for weaving, so they'd most likely have felt, if anything. I suppose the hair scraped from a hide might work for that, or would I need another source of textile fiber?

Turning to the southern half of the continent (on the tropical side of the mountains), I suspect hemp (or something hemp-like) is a cultivated plant there. It makes clothes and rope, and would explain why the fishing villages would be culturally bound to the settled kingdom.

The nomads have birds for both feathers and leather, and probably weave the abundant grass from time to time into hats as well as baskets.

And I have an idea for a "fur" tree in the forest. The seeds all have several very, very long strands attached to them that tend to cling to fur or catch the breeze. It's a short, shade-loving tree that only grows in rich soil. Most of the time, it looks completely normal, but during the hot season, the seed pods split open all over the tree and it suddenly looks like a mad tinseler has struck.

And somehow, this doesn't seem enough. Maybe something from the sea? Giant silkworms in the mountains?
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This makes the second Tuesday posting in a row of [ profile] rockworm. The story continues. This part is pretty easy to write, because I know the whole story being told.
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New [ profile] rockworm up today. The plan is to try to get it out on Tuesday/Wednesday instead of Thursday/Friday.

There are stories I want to tell, but sometimes it takes a while to get to them.
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[ profile] rockworm

Who's reading? Would you prefer updates towards the end of the week? The beginning?
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Posted last night. For those who are relatively new to my journal, [ profile] rockworm tells the story of a dwarf far from home. The first post can be found here.

I plan to keep updating at least once a week. One reason I'm picking it back up is for [ profile] collinsmom, who said she enjoyed reading it while at school. As she's still at school, I hope this helps.

If you're curious about the world of Rockworm in general, you can find my world-building entries in my memories here.


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