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Other job offer confirmed: full time job doing data entry. Start tomorrow at 8:30 am!

Guess I call Wal-Mart and tell them something better came along.
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I went in and filled out some more paperwork, with the expectation of going to orientation on Monday. However, while I was walking back in the house, I got a call from one of the staffing agencies. They have a possible temp-to-hire data entry job.

So, um, if that comes through, then maybe I won't have to work at Wal-Mart.

This is the kind of dilemma I like having.

job news

Nov. 17th, 2008 05:10 pm
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The hiring manager was behind schedule, so I did the first half of the interview today, and go in tomorrow at 11 am to finish the rest of it.
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Job interview today at 4 pm
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Had a phone call from a placement agency out of the blue today - they noticed my resume on one of the job websites I posted it. They do temporary assignments as well as long-term. I go in tomorrow to get set up.

Every time it rains it pours pennies from heaven...
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So many listings I see when I go looking say "high energy, outgoing, loves people"! Even for folks who will mostly be sitting at a computer, doing admin work, there's those tags.

Might as well just say, "Extraverts only!"


job hunt

Oct. 30th, 2008 07:17 pm
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Interview went well. Got home, ate supper, then noticed messages on the answering machine. The Stables called and they want to set up an interview on the 3rd.

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After a chat with [ profile] collinsmom yesterday and getting some suggestions from her on my resume, I've updated it. I think it's a lot better now, and I hope that'll help in my job hunting.

I called one of the Gamestops I applied at, and the guy said, "Look, why don't you just bring in a new application and we can schedule an interview." It seems they get tons of applications, but not that many people calling back to check. Squeaky wheel FTW! Interview is 4 pm on Thursday.

I got the printer set up as a shareable on our network, so I'm able to print Word docs from my computer now, even though the printer's connected to the little lappy in the front room. Ain't technology wonderful?
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Well, the message from Oceana was to say that they didn't see any horse experience on my resume, so if I wanted the job, I needed to send them an email detailing any such experience.

It's sent. I'm not the horsiest of people, but I've known how to ride Western since I was eight years old (courtesy of the Girl Scouts), and I've worked on a real ranch (courtesy of the Boy Scouts). I've also earned the Ranger Award from the BSA, with Equestrian as one of my electives. Just one of those things that doesn't come up often.

My Ranger Award electives were Equestrian, Outdoor Living History, Backpacking, and First Aid. All so I could wear a pin that says "Ranger" on it on my uniform. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be like Strider. There are worse goals in life.


Oct. 17th, 2008 06:42 pm
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Well, it looks like Casper will finally be retired. It's been a good car, but to get it fixed up enough to pass Virginia's State Inspection laws costs more than a grand.

So, we're trying to figure out what to do. I need a car to look for (and go to) a job. I need a job to pay for a car. The usual transportation Catch-22. I really need a job so we can start socking away savings again- our margin of error is dwindling away.

The job hunt has been discouraging.
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My first call back - interview tomorrow at 3 pm at Dick's Sporting Goods. Apparel.
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I filled out a seven page (front and back) application today. Seven pages.

Why? *whimper*

Filling out the same information over and over again is getting to me. Worse, they want you to write it down on the application every stinking time, even if you have all of the information already arranged on a resume.

My throat was a little scratchy yesterday. Today it's a little more. I did get four applications turned in today - one to one store, and three perfectly identical ones to three different stores in a chain.

I hope I'm not coming down with something.
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Did shadowing yesterday, and it went well. Went in to Spherion today for the security/background check stuff. I start training on Monday, the 8th. For two weeks of training, I'll be working from 9am to 6pm.

Interesting side bonus: if I want to get some school in to get an electronic certification, they offer the classes on the job site, and Spherion and Panasonic will pitch in to pay for it. If I want to go permanent with Panasonic, I have to have the certification. Even if I don't, it wouldn't hurt to have.
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Emails worked. I'm scheduled for some job shadowing tomorrow at 2pm to see if this is a good assignment for me. And when the contact person called, the phone even behaved. Good news!

I'd appreciate prayers for me tomorrow. I've never actually worked the phones at a call center- my last job was technically at one, but I did filing and other admin things instead. It's new territory for me, so I'm nervous.


Sep. 14th, 2007 12:58 pm
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I need to expand my professional wardrobe. Trying to figure out something I can wear that looks good in hot weather is really stretching my brain.

I need some blouses, a pair or two of dress slacks, and a belt or two.
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I've been sweating over the revision of my resume. The book I have to help me isn't quite as helpful as I'd like, but something did break over me while looking at the jobs I've had.

Every single job I have had besides one temp assignment involved working with people. Most of them involved a lot of active time teaching or assisting others.

I have taught people about leather working, wood carving, basketry, dutch-oven cooking, roping, branding, and historical ranching- and that's just what was required by my jobs!

I have assisted people in creating publications, organizing large events, and understanding and using computer equipment.

I have led several volunteer events that I had previously planned, interviewed people for articles and research, and moderated discussion forums.

In all of this, I have had to learn networking and cooperative skills as well as hone my decision making and problem solving abilities. At times, I have led, while other times, I have allowed others to develop their own leadership.

And here I was wondering what I had to offer people who wanted to hire me. It's taken quite a bit of wandering in the wilderness for this ray of sunshine to break through. Now, how do I work that into my resume?


Sep. 13th, 2007 04:55 pm
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I called up Spherion today. That's the company that I was doing temping through before. They called me in to go through the rehire process. It's exactly like the hire process. Huh, go figure.

Anyway, there was a short interview and then I sat down at a computer and did some aptitude tests with Word, Excel, and taking calls (both call center and handling minor tech support). It seems I did very well! They have jobs available now.

One thing. Well, two, actually. I have to bring in an updated resume and three references to finish all the forms. Means I have to find three references in short order. Eep!

Time to start brainstorming and calling people.
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I signed up on the flylady mailing list. Emails, ahoy!

I am also trying to apply a little of what she says about cleaning to the panic I feel about going job hunting.

There are a couple of problems that she addresses. The first, of course, is that of having no idea where or how to start- you just get overwhelmed by the immensity of the task. The FlyLady constantly exhorts, "Baby steps, baby steps." Do one thing to get started. Then do the next.

The second problem is that once we start, we want it all to be done as soon as possible. We'll plunge in and work as hard as we can, and then burn out and give up and let things slide until they're worse than before. I recognize that feeling. I want to be able to just rush out, fill out an application or go through an interview, and have the job. I want it over with.

It's an odd kind of patience to develop. No rushing. Just one step at a time. Not too many steps at once, either. Pace yourself, but make sure to do a little something each day.

With that in mind, once I got over my first feeling of being overwhelmed, I sat down and thought about what I need to do to find a job. This is my list of things I need to have ready while hunting:

1. An updated resume.
2. A list of references. Three to five names, with addresses and phone numbers.
3. A list of where I've lived for the last five years. (Much easier than in the past! I've lived here and also across the street over the last five years.)
4. A pen for filling out forms.

So, tomorrow, I will sit down with a book we have that has step-by-step instructions to writing a good resume. That's my baby step for tomorrow. In the meantime, if anybody who knows me personally wants to volunteer to be a reference, I'd appreciate the help. ;)

Also, if I forgot anything on the list, please let me know.


Sep. 10th, 2007 05:53 pm
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Due to one thing and another, it is time for me to start looking for a job again.

This is downright scary. There's so much I either don't know or just aren't sure about, starting with what kind of work I want to do, and continuing through the questions of how much money you want to earn and think you're worth and all that. I've never been good at the money question.

I don't really want a great job. I want a routine, doing something where I accomplish something everyday. I was really very happy being a church secretary, and I enjoyed the administrative work I did while I was temping. I got to work with computers, and, in both cases, my work produced noticeable results often.

But when I go looking at the job listings online, I see large heaps of stuff that I don't feel ready for. Or, I see requirements that I just don't have. Worst is the dreaded "salary requirement".

I'm a horrible salesperson. I can be confident and friendly for an interview, but if you want to haggle over the details, I get lost.


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