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The next movie in the Star Wars franchise is almost upon us! I'm not likely to see it in the theaters unless some kindly person babysits the kids for an afternoon. Le sigh. I'm usually not so torn up about missing things on the "big screen" anymore. Modern widescreen TVs have really come a long way.

I see some anti-fans around, and that's always a bit discouraging. If you aren't excited, you don't have to go around throwing wet blankets on everybody else. Don't be like the people who sneeringly call football "sportsball" at Thanksgiving.

In rewatching the original recently, I noticed some things that I hadn't before.

First off, compared to modern action whiz-bang Michael Bay stuff, the pacing is slow. I've watched some of the old Buck Rodgers serials on Hulu now, and the storytelling method is so spot-on that I can mentally throw in the "to be continued" at various scene changes. It really gave me new perspective on it. It also helps explain why they're long- it's like binge watching an entire arc of a serial at once.

Second, I had not realized Leia was supposed to be a General, not just a Princess. Once you see her character as an experienced commander who's been under fire before, so much of what she does makes a LOT more sense. Leia comforting Luke after Obi-Wan dies (when she just lost her whole planet) becomes the combat vet gently easing the new kid into the realities of war.

Third, I've generally accepted the changes from the "special editions". The final update where Han and Greedo shoot at the same time feels... acceptable. I still miss when it was just the Ewoks singing. (I've never understood the anger over that. Oral cultures often have set tunes that they sing and dance to on different occasions. I'd assume they just picked one suitable for a victory dance.) The CGI Jabba in A New Hope still seems a little too slick and skinny, though.
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So, I've had my new phone almost a month, and I'm finding it very useful for some things.

Twice now, I've recorded video of the werecub playing (without sound) and emailed it off to family to share. Not very good video, but it's helpful when the grandparents are several states away.

I like being able to catch up on Twitter when on break at work.

I love the free Kindle app. One of my friends on LJ mentioned "At the Back of the North Wind" by George MacDonald. I thought, "I haven't read that for a long while," and looked for it. Sure enough, it's a free download, along with a lot of other George MacDonald. So, I'm reading At the Back of the North Wind for myself, and reading The Princess and the Goblin to the werecub. I love that it saves my place automatically, so if the cub gets fussy I can put it down and not worry about bookmarks.

I still want a regular Kindle for the eInk - I'd like to be able to take that kind of functionality out in the sunshine - but in the meantime, I'm enjoying my phone version. I've reread Treasure Island, bought and read "A Distant Sun" by [ profile] haikujaguar (still pondering review), and started browsing my way through a collection of Father Brown stories by GK Chesterton. The Man Who Was Thursday is on my list, but I'm thinking I'll wait until [ profile] gen finishes her comic version she does on Wednesdays before I read the book.
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I love how the different openings reflect both the changes in SciFi fashion and the budget improvements at the BBC.
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I'm going to have this in my head all day long, now.

This song is dangerous!
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Dr Who on Tesla coils! *geek attack*
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Star Trek 90210

(Sad thing is, I never watched any episodes of 90210, and yet, because I'm in the generation I'm in, I recognize it from my minimal exposure to pop culture. *sigh*)
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I've been musing on clothing today. Specifically, on what people on my worldlet wear and where it comes from.

Beast-kings frequently hunt large game, so have a ready supply of hides and leather. Dwarves hunt boar and keep deer, so they have a source as well. But what about cloth? Beast-kings aren't built for weaving, so they'd most likely have felt, if anything. I suppose the hair scraped from a hide might work for that, or would I need another source of textile fiber?

Turning to the southern half of the continent (on the tropical side of the mountains), I suspect hemp (or something hemp-like) is a cultivated plant there. It makes clothes and rope, and would explain why the fishing villages would be culturally bound to the settled kingdom.

The nomads have birds for both feathers and leather, and probably weave the abundant grass from time to time into hats as well as baskets.

And I have an idea for a "fur" tree in the forest. The seeds all have several very, very long strands attached to them that tend to cling to fur or catch the breeze. It's a short, shade-loving tree that only grows in rich soil. Most of the time, it looks completely normal, but during the hot season, the seed pods split open all over the tree and it suddenly looks like a mad tinseler has struck.

And somehow, this doesn't seem enough. Maybe something from the sea? Giant silkworms in the mountains?
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So, [ profile] anher turned the TV to Spike, and we ended up watching a few hours of Voyager.. and then Enterprise.. and then he went to bed.

And then, I glanced up and the next show was... a movie... by Capcom.

It was Ryu. Fighting some guy I didn't know. The internal monologue all through the opening credits fight was C'mon, HadokenHadokenHadoken, do the Hadoken.

At the end of the fight, he did the Hadoken. Squee.

There is just something very simple and childishly delightful about movies based on fighting games. I won't say they're great art, but they're really enjoyable. Yes, even the evil Mortal Kombat sequels. Seriously, any movie with a ninja that throws snowballs made of ki is cool.

Street Fighter II, the movie, by the way. That's the one on tonight.
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John Cleese giving 'friendly advice' to IT professionals. Sponsored by a data storage and recovery company, I believe.

hat tip: [ profile] gen
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Can you identify all the themes?


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