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(The writing continues. You can see all the posts in the story on the tag, demonspirits.

The coach stuck on the road once, and it took all the horses to pull it free. Rask did not appreciate having to do such menial labor, and I had to take a firm hand with him to keep him from leaving the slower horses behind once we were moving again. Thankfully, the rain stopped soon after and the clouds thinned enough to let the afternoon sun through. The tiny flowers that hide in the scrub opened up to catch the gentle light in little dots of purple and yellow.

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We're still at the castle! Darn these people! When will they be on their way? Tonight? Tomorrow?

Also, in a trope-filled setting like this one, obviously Thorgun must be important! Is she:
A) a love interest?
B) a magic using secret agent?
C) a competent servant?
D) all of the above?
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More with Prince Detlef! Part 1 is here. Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed I've already given this story its own tag, demonspirits.

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The vote was for him to visit his relatives, but we're not there, yet! Do you think he'll make it there soon, or will it take a while?
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I've been trying to get my brain back in gear after last weekend (I helped cook for over 540 people at Maumee Scout Camp). I couldn't make it work on one of the projects I already have, so I started writing something new. Care to see the beginning?

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So.. where shall he go?

To see the mysterious elves?
To visit his mother's family in the mountains?
Over the mountains to the green lands beyond?
The kingdom next door?


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