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One of the interesting parts of raising our werecub is learning about his personality. Is he an introvert like his mamabear, or an extravert like his daddy? Will he get his daddy's adhd?

He's definitely a snuggly type. He's fearless in a known situation (like a familiar playground) but spends a fair amount of time in a new place peering at this and that, trying to figure it out. This includes people. And people comment often how well-behaved he is. To be sure, he has his moments, but from what we get told, our werecub is spoiling us. It makes me wonder if we'll be in for a hard time when we add another cub to the sleuth.

Last time we took him to the playground, there were some crawlers there and at least one baby still stuck on a mat next to a watchful mother. The cub spent a little time over by the baby, smacking the carpet nearby and watching the baby imitate him. He also would go sit down and "chat" with a random mom when he started to get tired. It struck me because most of the kids ignored the adults (except theirs) and the baby entirely.

He's talking a lot more now, but still less than most kids I see his age. He's progressing fast enough to keep the worries at bay.

Cub update

Oct. 1st, 2012 06:56 pm
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The cub has truly hit that "language explosion". He's even starting to use sentences. This afternoon, he wanted something from the pantry after his nap. I went down through the entire list of things he could be pointing at, and he shook his head to all of them. Finally, he sat down on a chair in frustration and called out, "Daddy, come in. Come in." The hubby got up and came to the kitchen, at which point he offered one of the things I'd tried three or four times and the cub was happy.

-.- Sometimes, it just matters who is in the room, I guess.

The mother-in-law sent us some things in the mail. A few clothing items for me, and a rabbit puppet for the cub. He was thrilled. Took him about ten seconds to figure out how to get his hand up in the rabbit's head.

The cub is also starting to use please when asking for some things. Sounds like "peace" right now, since he still isn't any good at consonant blends, but I'm happy at the effort.

Another happy thing is that the cub is starting to learn good responses to accidents. Today, he accidentally bonked me on the nose while enthusiastically looking at a picture book with me. When I said "ow", he looked at me and asked, "ow?" I said, "Yes, that hurt." So he leaned over and gave me a hug. <3 <3

So that's the news with the cub.
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Today was the cub's second birthday! He was bratty this morning, until the hubby sat him down and told him to be good or we wouldn't go to the beach. I don't know if it was the threat or the banana I gave him afterwards, but he settled down and was pretty sensible after that.

My mom's been visiting this weekend. We briefly visited the beach at First Landing State Park yesterday. First Landing's beach is on the Chesapeake Bay, instead of the Atlantic Ocean (where the main boardwalk and tourist beach area is around here). The water is shallower and calmer, with lots of birds and ships visible.

Today, I baked a cake. We went to the beach while it cooled. Mom opted to sit and catch up on her emails while the rest of us headed for the sand. The cub dashed right for the surf, but as soon as he got to where the water rolled onto his waist, he began to cry and wanted back out. We soon determined that he's okay with the surf zone, but no deeper. So, he spent most of his beach time digging in the sand with his daddy, while I alternated between helping with the sand and taking nice, restful dips in the water.

By the time we were done, we were all hungry. We got off the beach and started changing into dry clothes when a light rain started. We went back to mom's campsite so she could get some delicate items under cover, then had dinner at an Italian restaurant. After, we came home and I iced the cake. We sang "Happy Birthday" and dug in. It was really sweet. I had only a few bites and had to give up. The hubby and mom finished their small pieces, while the cub managed most of his. We opened a few presents, and then hugged my mom goodbye. She heads back towards Indiana tomorrow.

My parents bought a potty and a little stepstool for the cub. I'm not sure if he's quite ready for potty training, but he's shown an interest in the toilet, so now's a good time to at least introduce him to the idea and have the necessary equipment to try it out.

Now, I'm tired and need to drink more water.

Cub update

May. 31st, 2012 07:18 am
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This is a great comic strip: It explains one of the things I find cool about being a parent. It's literally my job to introduce this cub to cool new things, all the time.

We have a Kindle Fire (a Chrismas gift). It's used almost exclusively by the cub. It started with a bubbles app (it makes bubbles when you touch the screen, and pops them when you touch it again). Then, I found a puzzles app that does simple puzzles. He mastered that and will spend hours on it, dragging pieces into place, then watching the picture resolve.

And last night? I found a piano app. An octave +1 keyboard, playable by touch. He loves that, too.

At some point, one of us might actually read books on the thing, but it may be a while.

Anyway, the cub is teething again. The last set of molars are finally ready to break through the gums. At least one already has. I am starting to ponder cake ideas for his birthday next month.

A post!

May. 10th, 2012 06:39 pm
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I haven't been posting lately. Part of this is a lack of time at a computer without the werecub making it impossible to type. Part of this is that many of the things I might post about are grumpy observations about politics, and I don't want to fill up my journal with that stuff. Once in a while, okay, but not all the time.

One of the things I fret about (being a mom, one of my jobs is to worry a lot) is that the werecub is not much of a talker. We know he can talk, and he understands us just fine, but he seems to not feel any need to actually say much.

But we try to encourage him. We ask him about the sound dragons make. We, of course, say "RAaaar!" to demonstrate. The werecub?

*whispers*"rar, rar"

I speculated to the hubby that perhaps all the dragons the cub knows are ninjas, which is why they're so quiet. He was quite alarmed at the idea.

So, ninja dragons, quietly rarring before delivering their deadly strikes?


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