May. 16th, 2007 03:41 pm
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Changeling is an interesting setting. It's in the old World of Darkness, a world like our own, but, well, darker, with more gothic and punk features. And lots of supernatural critters around.

Anyway, the Changeling flavor has this premise- that the fae of the old world, in order to survive the encroaching Banality of mundane life, hid themselves in the bodies of regular humans. So, each changeling has a fae soul and a human one, and at some point, the fae soul gets a chance to come out for a while.

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I've been working on the webpage for the Changeling game [ profile] anher and I are running. One of the features of the game is a boatload of pirates whose mortal disguise is that of a living history attraction. In the game, this boat and its crew has a website. So, I've been working on a dummy version of the website. And, I needed a logo. A flag. Something!

So I drew it in paint and used Irfanview to convert. See below.

The Friendly Kraken
The Friendly Kraken

The logo of a pirate ship for a Changeling game. The flag itself is the kraken without the words.

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And I'm designing the website. Slowly, painfully.

I'm asking for opinions. Go look at it, then tell me what you think. Tell me what it needs, what I need to get rid of, or just what needs to be moved or changed.
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For a Changeling plot:

I need a bunch of traditional children's stories associated with Halloween, preferably ones with interesting or memorable characters. These need to be stories you'd find in a large collection of short stories and/or fairy tales.

Brian and I will be doing some of our own research, of course, but I thought I'd see what my friends list can come up with. I'd love to find out a bunch of unusual stories that I can use to flummox players.


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