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This is a picture of the older werecub and me. How tired I look! He's zeroed in on the camera, though.

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Baby pic

May. 28th, 2013 06:47 am
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This is a great picture of how delighted the baby is to meet new people. That's his great aunt holding him.

Cub Stats

May. 17th, 2013 08:26 am
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Baby cub at 4 months: 16 lbs, 2 oz, 24.8 inches. (I wonder if he will triple his birth weight by 6 months.)
Toddler cub at not quite 3 years: 34 lbs, 3 oz, 36.8 inches. (He's definitely slowed down in his rapid growth.)

Both werecubs happy and healthy. Baby is teething and so also drooling bunches. It made for a hard evening yesterday with teething pains and shot soreness combined. All better this morning from the shots, so we just get to work on getting him through the teething pains.
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The baby cub hits 4 months tomorrow. He's wearing 12 month size clothes already, which is even faster than the older cub reached that size. Then again, the older cub had reflux problems until he was about 6 months, which probably limited his ability to pack on pounds.

I'm actually kind of worried he'll outgrow his infant seat before he gets to be a year old.

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It's funny the things that can get to you, sometimes. I signed up with one of the pregnancy sites to get the updates (read about your baby at 11 weeks, etc), because I like reading about how the baby would be growing if I could peek inside.

But I get other updates, too. Last night, I received one that began, "What if you go past your due date?"

Oh, automated computer program. Going past isn't the big worry on my mind. I'm hoping to get close. The last cub had to be induced at 37 weeks because of high blood pressure that turned into pre-eclampsia, and that induction was after a couple of weeks of bed rest to make sure we both stayed healthy enough to last that long. With the blood pressure going up so much earlier and higher this time, my biggest concern is that the pre-eclampsia will return, and possibly worse than last time. If I can keep this child within me until 37 weeks, I will feel blessed, indeed. I think I will remind myself of that if I start feeling impatient in the 2nd trimester again.

Next week, I'll reach 12 weeks and the end of the first trimester, at which point I'll feel better about more people knowing.
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The cub has some dark spots/lines on his teeth, and I've been fretting over them. (I'm a mom, it comes with the territory.) I did two things about it, starting on the same day. I started brushing his teeth with baking soda, and instead of Cheerios for breakfast, he gets toast with ghee (from milk from pasture fed cows) on it. The ghee is to up his intake of vitamin K2, since he can't just take a pill like I do.

One or both of them is working. The spots are smaller and less distinct. I'm hoping it's just the iron in his liquid vitamins and that I've been fretting over nothing.

In other news, while brushing his teeth this evening, I noticed the first canine tooth breaking through. Poor cub. I had hoped we'd have a rest for a few weeks between the last incisor and getting his fangs, but here they come. No wonder he hasn't been napping well.
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Another restless morning. The cub woke up sometime between 3 and 4 and tossed and turned and whimpered and couldn't get back to sleep, even when we held him or let him flop on a chest.

Finally, at almost 5 in the morning, my brain woke up and said, "Maybe something is keeping him awake. Find out what."

So, I held him and paid attention, and noticed that he was rubbing his cheek and ear. Oh. Teething again.

So, I put him down (protest!) and measured a dose of infant ibuprofen. Gave it to him. Put him down again (protest again!) and rinsed the little plunger.

Came back, picked him up, rocked him and let him nurse. Ibuprofen takes about 20 minutes to really go to work.

Sure enough, 25 minutes later, I held a limp little cub, sighing as he settled into deeper sleep.

I put him down (quiet protest) and snuggled up next to him. We both fell asleep.

Last time this happened, I swore to myself that I'd catch the signs earlier, instead of tossing and turning until my brain finally woke up enough to register that this wasn't just a momentary interruption. And... I tossed and turned until my brain woke up enough. *sigh* A lost hour of sleep that could have been, but I doubt I'll do any better next time.
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Previously, when out at a museum and contemplating the typical "museum cafe" food available, I had picked out a cup of melon pieces and grapes, intending to cut the melon pieces small enough to share with the cub.

He outright rejected watermelon and refused to swallow any of the pieces of cantaloupe I gave him.

This put "melons" in the category of things the cub will not immediately demand to eat when he sees mommy and/or daddy eating it. This is a very short list. So far, it's butternut squash, cauliflower, watermelon and cantaloupe. (Keep in mind, this is the same boy who loves green beans.)

So, the store had these things called sprite melons, which are apparently natively from Japan, but grown in the US in North Carolina. I picked one up, in the theory that it was small enough that I could eat the whole thing by myself in a couple of days, if necessary.

I gave the cub a bite. He seemed alright with it. I added some salt and pepper to my slice, which took it from "huh, not a bad melon," to "mmmmmmmm, that's the stuff". When I gave some of the seasoned melon to the cub, he immediately began to bounce and wave his arms and do all the sorts of things he does when he's enthusiastic about a food. I gave him several bites, which were not only chewed but swallowed.

So, sprite melons with salt and pepper are a "yes" food. Maybe if I do the same to cantaloupe...
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Hubby and I took the cub to the mall and visited the play area for the first time. It has several slides and tunnels, made of foam-covered wood. The cub was probably the youngest one there for most of the time, but kids are more mindful than you might think considering all the dashing around. Nobody ran into him, and at one point, the cub and another crawler took turns pursuing each other out of the sheer novelty of being around somebody else at the same speed and level. They never caught each other, though. An older brother picked up the other crawler first.

We let the cub roam until the hubby started to get tired, then got some ice cream. Came back and let the cub run around some more, but he was tired at that point. It wasn't long before he was fussy and we were headed out.

Lots of nice people there. The second session had a larger crowd, and it was actually getting warm in there from all the active bodies shedding energy.

Any way, hoping that helped the cub work out some of the climbing urge he's been having, lately. He needs more time around steps.
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The werecub is learning to share. By this, I mean that he will hold out a toy to one of us expectantly, then either let go or thrash his hand in front of us when we reach out for it. If he successfully hands it off, often he will continue to hold out his hand until we give it back. He'll pass the toy back and forth with us a few times, then either keep it or turn his attention to something else.

I wonder how much of this is generous impulse, and how much is just practicing movements. Still, we say our thank yous, to model and encourage him.

A couple of weeks ago, before the heat wave hit, our neighbor was outside with her boy. The cub was still in his cast, but I took him outside to visit. She encouraged her boy (about 8 months older than the cub) to share his toys.

The other boy would grab ALL his toys and press them into the cub's hands, one after another. Then, when the cub was just starting to turn a couple over to look at them, the other boy would take them ALL away again and put them away in the car. This happened about three times.

It was all I could do to keep from laughing. Far from being upset by this, the cub just seemed puzzled, completely bemused by the sudden feasts and famines. My neighbor apologized, but as the cub wasn't upset I couldn't be either.

It just goes to show how difficult a simple thing like sharing can be to get right.
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Poor cub! His first birthday is just over a week away, and he'll be in a cast. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

It's a tiny break in his legbone. The kind of fracture is called a "toddler's fracture". Little kids who are new to walking and have soft bones manage to fall just right and crack something. Apparently fairly common.

Anyway, he's already crawling around the front room again, getting into trouble.
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Sometime yesterday, the cub managed to hurt his ankle. We thought he was just clingy from teething pain, but discovered that he fussed when his right ankle was touched in certain spots. Suddenly, the "cry when I'm on the floor" symptom is given a completely new meaning.

Called the doctor. A warm soak in the bath and two doses of children's Ibuprofen got him through the night with good sleep, and he goes in to see a pediatrician today.

He's such an active, eager little guy, so not being able to put weight on one foot is really frustrating him on top of the pain.

I suspect the cause is a tumble he took yesterday morning off the one step in our house. He's learned how to go up it and likes to get up there and play with my cane. He didn't get down so gracefully.

So, pray for the cub. He's right at the stage where he could stand unsupported for a few moments, so we were eagerly awaiting his first steps. Looks like that might be delayed a bit.
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So, the hubby and the cub went to Williamsburg today to watch them make chocolate.

Seriously. Whole beans to roast and grind and mix...

And I'm here at work.

That's the choice sometimes. I work so that the cub can have his daddy all day and the hubby can do school, which pays for our place to live.

On the plus side, I have realized that the cub giggles when he's happy. Not when seeng something funny- he has a more open mouthed laugh for that. But when he's doing or being given something he really likes, he giggles.

He giggles when I give him oyster crackers. He giggles when sitting down to nurse when I first get home from work. He even giggles when I snuggle with him as he falls asleep at night.

I'm used to being around reserved people, so listening to him bubble over with joy is amazing.
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Werecub plays with things he can reach on couch

Playstation: *beep**whirr*

Yeah, he's cruising, now. Nothing is safe. O.O The other day he was trying to stand up by the TV stand and turned on the DVD player.
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Mordred is unexpectedly very patient with the werecub. He sits nearby, purrs at him, and when the cub grabs Mordred's tail (or other portion of his body, but usually the tail), Mordred meows and tugs to get free, but never hurts him. And Mordred does this over and over again, keeping close by and calm.

The werecub gets to practice crawling as he chases Mordred around, and the cat..? Well, I pet him to thank him, but I don't know what else he gets out of it. Maybe he figures he's the older brother or something.

Percivale, though, stays well away from the cub. Across the room, normally. Percivale was always a grumpier beast.
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smiling baby mess! )

After we cleaned that up, I put him in his highchair with a bib and let him have a few more berries to nibble. He started off by putting a whole berry in his mouth. It took him about five minutes to finish chewing and swallowing.

Fortunately, blackberries are structured so that they're not really a choking hazard. He didn't even mind the seeds.
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We discovered on Saturday that the cub's second lower incisor had broken through. Not sure exactly when. One of his top incisors has just a thin layer yet over it, so any day now.

He was very needy yesterday, probably from all the teething coming together at once. I'm hoping he'll have a good day today since I'm back to work. At least this is an "off" week for the hubby.

From what I remember with my permanent teeth is that they came in close together, so I'm wondering if the clustered timing is something the cub got from me. [ profile] anher was apparently a slow teether, which explains why it took so long for the first one.
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The cub was fussy yesterday, a fact made remarkable because he didn't want anything in or near his mouth. No cold teethers, no mommy fingers or daddy fingers or even his own fingers.

[ profile] anher held the cub on his chest and we all snuggled together for a bit. After a half hour or so, the moment passed and the cub decided to eat.

Teeth still haven't broken through.


Jan. 16th, 2011 04:10 pm
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The werecub's first teeth are just now visible under the surface of the gums. A mom at the con with a baby that's two weeks older told me that means it's a week or less until it comes through. We've given the cub something cold to chew on as he settles in after the con.
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One advantage of cooking the werecub's food myself: When he leaves a bite or two of pear puree in his bowl, I don't mind finishing it off! Seriously, it was really hard to cook three wonderful, ripe pears and then puree them all instead of eating them.

The cub has decided he likes his oatmeal and that pears (just introduced last night) are great. Breakfast was pears, lunch oatmeal. Supper was some of both. Later this week, butternut squash will be roasted and pureed. Then, in a few more days, probably cauliflower.

Wal-Mart sells these silicone "pinch bowls" for holding spices when cooking. They're the perfect size for a couple of tablespoons of baby food. They don't break, and you can pick them up and fold them over a spoon to get the last little bits out. Dishwasher safe, even. I plan to pick up more when they get them in stock. I bought the last two in the store on Christmas Eve. >.>

The cub's been a bit clingy today as he continues to get over his cold. We had to do presents in two sessions, with a break for a nap in between.


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