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The week has been going in fits and starts due to bouts of illness in the house. We all got over our stomach troubles (even the cat), only for the cubs to end up with fevers yesterday (mostly older cub). We've missed two days of homeschool due to older cub's inability to focus on account of tired, fever, and various. Fortunately, I have the ability to declare Saturday a make up day. Muahahahaha.

I did use some of the time to unpack a few more boxes and sort and put away some things. I also finished the first draft of the fourth story of The Young Lord's Servants. It needs editing and a title, but that's easier than getting the draft done. Look for it before the end of September. More details to come!

Also, while chatting with friends online, I mentioned wanting to write some YA fiction about a girl in a world where elves keep gryphons. Like good friends, they enthused over the idea, so now I'm beginning the work. YA novels are 30,000-50,000 words, roughly. The short stories I've been writing are around 4,000 words.


Well, I guess I find out if I have what it takes to get a novel finished. No time like the present. I'm sketching out different kinds of elves and gryphons in my notes, and I've written about half a page so far. But it's a start.

I've also kicked around the idea of a weekly worldbuilding session online. Every week, there'd be a world building question that everybody who's participating would answer for one of their settings. We can write them up on Wordpress or Livejournal, then post the links on Twitter with a hashtag. #weekendworldbuilding, maybe? Too long?
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