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Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday, we took advantage of a sunny afternoon to fill some buckets with dirt and plant more seeds. At dinnertime, we all went to my aunt's place for a gathering of the local family members (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc). I took a batch of spicy cookies to share. They were well received. We were all tired by the time we got home.

Today, I got up with only an hour to get ready for church, and everybody had yet to get dressed. We managed to make it with seconds to spare. The men of the church were called up for an impromptu performance. I got a few pictures on my phone. I will spare you the brief recording. Professionals, they weren't. But they did pass out some carnations and lovely butterfly pins.

We all went out for ice cream this afternoon, then came home and relaxed for a while. Dinner was apples, cheese, Mexican drinking chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, and spicy ginger cookies. I commented to my dad that it's not the sort of meal where you say grace before, but do penance for after.

The younger cub asked me to make him a tree house in Terraria. So I did.

This is the trunk of the tree.

Here is the top, all hung with fireflies. I need to put some more furniture in it, but it's otherwise finished.

Younger cub fell asleep early, and older cub seemed especially antsy this evening. I suspect a minor bug. Here's hoping it stays minor! We're expecting rain all week.


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