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Hubby's birthday was yesterday and now we're the same age again! We went out, just the two of us, and had lunch at Olive Garden, and then dropped by a local game store to oogle the board games and RPGs. Ended up picking up a copy of Feng Shui 2, which is a tabletop RPG based on Hong Kong action flicks.

We flipped through the rules yesterday, and sat down to make characters and play this afternoon. It took ten minutes to get my character ready, and half that was thinking up my "melodramatic hook" and explaining it to the GM. My brother wrote up a character, too, and then we were off and running! I went to a museum to track down a contact, found him dead, and chased after a murderer who literally flew out the window to escape (but not before hitting him with a couple of bullets). We called the short session after the bad guy got away, leaving us with a dead body and a mysterious attache case the bad guy was trying to steal. To be continued...

In other news, I finally enrolled my stories in The Young Lord's Servants series in KDP select. This means that the original draft of the first story is no longer available to be read on LiveJournal, but can be checked out from Amazon through their Lending Library (as well as the other two). This is something that I should have done earlier, but I just didn't have the mental energy to do the tidying up necessary for it before spring rolled around. So, if you have Amazon Prime, you can check them out before you buy!

(First one, Protectors of the Rice, available here.)

I stretched again today, and feel better for it. The cubs have been extra tired, and so have I. I wonder if we're fighting off a bug, or it's just that we're being more active with the good weather and tiring ourselves out faster. I guess I'll know for sure in a day or two.
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