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Welcome to my livejournal. Feel free to look around.

I keep my poetry posts (both of mine and others') under the poetry tag. Click here or just click the tag on the sidebar.

If you are looking for just my free/crowdfunded poetry, look under "Poetry Kitchen". Click here or on the tag on the sidebar.

I often post recipes and other experiments with cooking and baking. Click here or use the "cooking" tag on the sidebar to browse food posts.

I do make political posts, or sometimes link something that is less politics and more social observation. I keep these cut-tagged if they're more than a link and a couple of sentences, so that people who prefer not to read them can skip over them. If you are interested in them, feel free to click the political foo or social foo tags.

I sometimes get on a world-building kick, where I'm working out history and geography and cultures for various settings. I enjoy feedback on these posts, old and new. You can use the world-building tag for an unsorted view of them, or the world-building section of my memories to view a more filtered version.

If you want me to do more of any of these things, you can encourage me two ways. You can comment, or you can leave a tip. If you choose to tip from this post, please include a comment as you pay to let me know what kind of posts you enjoyed. :)


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