Aug. 11th, 2016


Aug. 11th, 2016 05:22 pm
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It's been a long time since my last update, and much has happened! We bought a house! We moved into it! We spent two weeks without internet! The last three weeks have been unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, rediscovering forgotten treasures that had waited in storage for two years to be brought out again. And there's been the excitement of living in an older house with previous tenants. The first weekend, we had to flush the water heater. Last weekend, the air conditioning went out. I have experienced the adventure of repairs while under a Home Warranty.

The local kids are already in school (which still boggles me, having grown up with Aug 21st as the usual start date). Older cub is excited about homeschool. He's ready to learn! I hope and pray the attitude persists. I have a boxed curriculum and plan to start on Monday. This week is dedicated to chasing down loose odds and ends. I still need a felt board and some red felt, which I shall probably have to obtain from a craft store.

On Wednesday, we picked up my old cat Percivale (17 years old this year) from his long hiatus at my parents' place. He settled right in here. He has a whole, big house to himself, with people to pet him and corners to hide inside. His hips and back feet are a bit stiff, even with monthly treatment, but that doesn't keep him from attacking catnip mice and getting up onto windowsills. I already have things set up with the local vet.

While getting items for homeschool, I managed to blow out a tire today. USAA sent somebody to help get the spare on (I wasn't confident in my ability to manage that and the cubs at the same time on a hot day). Going to have to get that replaced tomorrow.

And the BIG news of the day is that today I've been married to [ profile] anher for 15 years! Maybe we'll go out to eat (someplace with air conditioning).


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