Apr. 22nd, 2016

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I was getting ready for the day when I checked my phone and saw an alert from Google calendar. [livejournal.com profile] aefenglommung and I had a meeting we'd forgotten about. We got everybody together in short order. Things went well in spite of our tardiness.

The drive there and back was beautiful. We have reached the stage of spring in Indiana where the redbuds are still in full bloom, the dogwoods have opened up, but the woods are still only just beginning to leaf out so you can still see through them. The countryside is full of slashes of bright green and little clouds of purple and snowy white. This is the weekend to go hunt mushrooms, if you know a good place for morels. In a few more weeks, the green will overwhelm everything else and the underbrush will be too thick to wade through.

Mayapples are just beginning to come up, too.

We ate lunch after the meeting at a little local diner in the town of Judah. By the time we got home, everybody was tired and napped.

Older cub has been eating like a wolf lately. Must be growing, or getting ready to.

My back is sore today. I'm resting it some and took some ibuprofen. I suspect the flipflops I've been wearing this past week. I love them, but my back hasn't been quite as resilient ever since my c-section with younger cub. I may have to give them up.


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