Apr. 15th, 2016

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The weather is beautiful today. I took our cat, Percivale, to the vet to get him his monthly shot. (He has arthritis, and this helps limber up his stiff joints.) Then, after lunch, I took the cubs out to one of the local parks for some sunshine.

There was a school bus there when we arrived; a handful of teenagers from the severe disabilities class from the local high school. Older cub was happy to see other people there. He didn't care how old they were so long as they wanted to play games.

One of the teens apologized for playing with my child. He was so happy when I told him I didn't mind and to go ahead. Intellectually, I know that personal space and various social permissions can be fraught subjects, but it didn't keep my heart from breaking a little over it. Older cub played hide-and-seek with him until they were both hot and tired, and then they sat together to draw in the sand. I chatted with one of the adults in charge. Younger cub worked up the gumption to go down progressively taller slides. One of the teens told me about how he'd been scared of such things when he was younger, but he grew out of it.

Once the teens had to go, the cubs and I tried to fly a kite, but the breezes weren't quite strong enough to get it up long enough to gain any height. Then a few kids about the cubs' age showed up, so we stayed to play with them until everybody was starting to look a little pink. We left just as a busload of elementary kids were showing up to do a little clean up project.

Under the strong spring sunshine, I can see just how pale I've become through the winter. I don't look pale when I'm sitting here typing, but I sure look it out there.


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