Feb. 24th, 2016

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I have always had an interest in politics. I largely understand how people relate to each other the way I understand everything else: by reading a lot of theories and then observing how well it fits what I see. (I am such an introvert at heart, and an analytical one, too.) So I studied political theories of how people organize themselves, and historical cases of how things fall apart. I still do this.

My dad has similar interests. Before he heard the Call to ministry, he studied to be a lawyer and took political science classes. We often talk politics together, comparing notes on what we see or discussing an article or book one or both of us have read.

When I was a teenager, grappling with the issues of being in the generation that comes after the Baby Boomers, he would tell me a story of when he was in high school, and blew up the world.

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My fellow Christians, I implore you: do not vote for Trump. Do not fall into despair. If the world of politics leads you to that choice, turn your eyes away from it. Don't vote. Go to your community and build something. Build a Scout Troop. Start a Bible Study. Build a rehabilitation center for the addicts in our midst. Go on a food drive for the local pantry. If the building of this country is falling down, that is only because the foundation needs work. Go do the work. If the feet are set right, the rest of the body will follow.

Start small. Get a few people to bear each other up. It will grow. Believe in that, not in the promises of men.


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